How Much is Your Home Worth?


Your home’s market value is an important factor in a long list of financial decisions, including selling the home, refinancing your mortgage, borrowing against your equity, estimating your annual property tax bill, buying homeowner’s insurance, calculating the expected return on remodeling costs, managing your other investments, estate planning and so on. When  figuring out how much your home is worth –the key is remembering that how much you paid for it months or years ago isn’t relevant to its current market value.

A CMA (Comparative Market Analysis)  shows the prices of both recently sold homes and the prices of homes on the market that are  comparable to yours.  We can give you a rough idea of what your home would be worth, given its size, condition and local market conditions.  Other factors include property location, a move-in-ready home and if the property was measured to include the square footage of the garage or other detached buildings on the property.

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